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We LOVED reading your comments about the songs you were walking down the aisle to.Lots of you were looking for something a little different to the average, overplayed wedding songs – we hear ya!A father, left, is suing the Harley Street Clinic, pictured, in London for £1million to cover the costs of raising his child after claiming it let his former partner, right, secretly conceive the child after the couple split up.The pair cannot be identified for legal reasons The former couple, who are both in their 40s but who cannot be identified for legal reasons, previously had a son together using IVF.The mother gave birth to a daughter in 2011, who the father 'understandably loves' despite the circumstances in which he says she was conceived.But he blames the clinic for implanting the embryo into his ex without his knowledge.

I know there is not sexual abuse but it is weird and freaks me out knowing he lays with her the same way he lays with me.These 2 issues bother me enough that I consider leaving.My boyfriend does not see the importance in having a bed time for a child. He runs to her every time she screams for him even if it causes us both to get 3-4 hours of sleep.So I’m thrilled to welcome John back – this time he’s sharing suggestions for alternative father / daughter dance songs. Be sure to check out this post with 20 awesome ideas for mother/groom dance songs.Photo by It’s tough to find that perfect song to dance with Dad – you want something special, touching, meaningful…but not romantic.

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