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On Tuesday night, the House appropriations subcommittee on transportation, housing and urban development approved its appropriations bill, including this ELD language specific to the livestock and insect industries. “We’re very happy to see this delay of the ELD enforcement deadline,” said NCBA president-elect Kevin Kester, a fifth-generation California rancher. House’s Transportation-HUD appropriations bill included a provision that will delay for one year a requirement mandating the use of the new electronic logging devices (ELDs) for livestock and insect haulers.NCBA has relayed the message to FMCSA for the past year that the rule, which limits driving time to 11 hours within a 14-hour window after the driver comes on duty, is simply too restrictive for the industry.“We hope that our continued work with FMCSA will allow them to understand the needs of our industry: balancing the welfare of livestock, the safety of our highly skilled drivers and the need to get our animals moved in the safest and most efficient way possible for the driver, others on the road and the animals,” Kester said.Adopted by a vote of 23 in favour, 18 against and 6 abstentions, the resolution said the mandate of the Independent Expert would be to assess the implementation of existing international human rights instruments with regard to ways to overcome violence and discrimination against persons on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity, and to identify and address the root causes of violence and discrimination.

Developers are completely incentivized to give you the best experience they can. So if they think its 60fps and that’s going to help them, in terms of selling more copies of the game, they’re going to be all in. It won’t be easy to determine between a regular resolution like 1080p and 4k if the frame rates are static. Speaking in explanation of the vote before or after the vote were Mexico, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, Panama, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Russia, Philippines, South Africa, Botswana, Nigeria, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Albania, France, Morocco, Algeria, Ghana, and Namibia.Saudi Arabia called for a no-action motion on the draft resolution on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in accordance with Rule 116.Starting July 1, 2009, nurses and other direct caregivers will no longer be forced to work beyond their scheduled shift, except in cases of real emergencies.After years of efforts, Pennsylvania nurses have won this important protection for the sake of our patients and our profession.

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