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I think it's because we all remember her as the super-rebellious Mary.

I think she's doomed to forever garner an ambivalent reaction from audiences.

He dated a number of celebrities in the past, so what’s going on now?

Check out to learn about his current dating life below:“Supergirl” star Hoechlin dated several ladies back in the past.

Click on the gallery below to find out what happened to Barry Watson (Matt), Beverly Mitchell (Lucy), Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie) and more in our “7th Heaven” Cast: Where Are They Now gallery below.

Tyler Lee Hoechlin, professionally known as Tyler Hoechlin is an American actor; you might know him for his outstanding acting skills in the role of Martin Brewer on “7th Heaven” and Derek Hale on series “Teen Wolf”.

That's right, little Lucy Camden is with child, and thankfully it's not out of wedlock.

She has three siblings named Madison, Ryan, and Tyler.

It got us thinking—what are the rest of the Barry Watson (Matt Camden): Despite looking kind of shady, the oldest Camden kid seems to be doing OK for himself.

Let's not forget that Barry was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma during the show's run and had to take some time off for treatment.

Dancer made famous for her appearance on Lifetime's Dance Moms.

She was the youngest dancer in the group and specialized in jazz dance and acrobatics.

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The two often appear in social media pictures together.

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