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For example, nude colored stockings are going to match the skin color of one of my white friends a lot better than it’ll match my brown skin. Don’t even get me started on how many articles I’ve come across that praise the nude lip look and they only end up recommending beige colored lipsticks that would just make my lips look chapped and washed out if I ever used them! Trust me, you lips won’t look like you just ate powdered donuts. No muss, no fuss, just a simple tone that will work seamlessly with any look, especially dramatic eye makeup.

It's so hard for women with very dark skin to find a great nude.

"The word people should be looking for is television, not reality," says contestant Sasha Perl-Raver, who was one of six people looking for love in the third episode of this year's new ABC reality romance series.

She spoke with me recently about her televised dating experience and had some insightful comments on reality TV today, how it got here, and where it should head next.

The language is generally mild ("hell," "damn"), with occasional stronger profanity (like “s--t”) fully bleeped/blurred. Overall, it’s not the best fit for tweens and younger teens, but older teens should be able to handle it.

" /Couples must choose whether personality is more important than looks -- and those who choose looks over personality aren't celebrated here.

Still, physical attributes are frequently discussed as both a good and bad thing.

A fair bit of kissing/making out (often during the dark-encounter scenes that are viewed via infrared camera) and sexual innuendo.

Bright red, Deep berry, jet black…I love the way they emphasize the thickness of my lips.So where do these extreme contestants and situations come from?Have networks and producers skewed reality so much over time that it's no longer about real people and real life, or have we just mislabelled a genre that thrives on manufactured clichés, unreal situations, and good old fashioned voyeurism?Perl-Raver admits that she had her own reasons for appearing on , in which each episode, three men and three women get acquainted in complete darkness before selecting a suitable match to see in the light.She's writing a book on dating and wanted to put herself in as many situations as possible, including reality TV, speed dating and more traditional ways of finding that special someone.

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