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To start at the beginning, ICA stands for Independent Computing Architecture.It is a protocol used in Citrix Xen App / Xen Desktop (or previously Presentation Server, Meta Frame, Win Frame) to separate the application logic (which runs on a remote system, usually in a datacenter) and the presentation (on the client).All settings are located at User Configuration Policies.This page assumes the GPOs have already been created and Loopback Processing has already been enabled.- Users and Interfacing Systems must reset their passwords as required every 90 days or the account will be disabled IAW GSA IT Security Policy, (CIO P 2100.1).Registered users will receive an email notification to remind them of this requirement. NOTE: If your account was re-enabled after contacting the FSD, you must reset your password before midnight on the day of the call to prevent it from being disabled once again.In a nutshell what this protocols does is sending input from the client (like keyboard, mouse, audio, etc.) to the remote system and receive the output (like video, sound, etc.) from the remote system via the network.

A company I work with uses virtual apps in a Citrix Xen App environment for secure access to production systems and to establish a centrally-managed standard interface for users which will remain unaffected by local workstation changes, updates or problems.For instance, a certain financial site requires a very specific Java version, so the application used to connect to the site is virtualized and presented (also known as published) to users.The server running that application has the correct Java level and it is set not to auto-update.💡 = Recently Updated The following is a list of Group Policy Settings recommended by Microsoft to lockdown a Remote Desktop Session Host / Citrix Session.These settings should go in the Citrix VDA Non-Admin Users GPO.

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