Application updating maps software

Go online on and follow the instructions on website how to download and install Naviextras Toolbox. The (Micro) SD card will be recognized as your navigation device. This is made in order to guarantee Copyright protected issues.

And best of all, it’s completely free — as long as you consider paying with your private data to be free.

Maps now predicts the places you’re most likely to go and suggests the fastest way to get there based on traffic, your current location, the time of day, and events on your schedule.

So in the morning, Maps can provide a proactive suggestion for the best route to work that avoids traffic.

Some features, including buying updates, require that your device is registered. Unnecessary, if your INE-W92x R / INE-W977BT has still original software package on it.

Please register your INE-W92x R / INE-W977BT and your required personal data within Naviextras Toolbox, which is a free PC-tool.

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