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is a free online chat website that allows users to socialize with others without the need to register.The service randomly pairs users in one-on-one chat sessions where they chat anonymously using the names "You" and "Stranger" or "Stranger 1" and "Stranger 2" in the case of Spy mode.

Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed the tracking information for your order's shipment.But, I found that I am not the only victim, every one in my network is facing this problem. Also, saw that the DNS server configuration, it was set to take the details from ISP.On Googling I only got suggestions that it is a doing of a virus or malware in my system. So, not sure how something got hold of my DNS translation.I've no clue where the problem is and how to fix it. Also, would like to give one more info to the curious ones out there which is puzzling me.When I was opening a url, say abc.com, the page was actually loading and was then getting redirected.

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