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The Washington Shakespeare Theatre's splendid production of "Lady Chatterley's Lover" brings out all these aspects, and, under the direction of John Vreeke, imbues them with an intriguing mix of ruefulness, repression and unbridled sensuality.

The adaptation was commissioned originally by the Book-It Repertory Theatre in Seattle, which performs staged readings, with the cast reciting and acting out verbatim passages from novels.

Nobody is going to schlep to the outer edges of Crystal City in the middle of summer to explore Mr.

Lawrence's ideas about class, industry and marriage.

Emma and Robert are married and Jerry is Robert’s best friend, but Emma and Jerry have a seven year affair and Robert has secrets of his own.

At this time the national Library Service was waiting on the outcome of the court case.

When it works — as it does here, beautifully — this highly stylized approach to adaptation appeals to audiences who love drama and the written word.

The literary flavor of the book is preserved, yet the evening itself is thrillingly theatrical. Lawrence's novel and this staging can be, let's be frank.

Richard Altick remarks that “hardly a family in Britain was without its little shelf of books” (Altick 5) – though, David Vincent insists that there is a distinction, especially back then, between people owning and reading books (Vincent 212)., the evolution of the attention given to books across the three generations actually subtly conveys this expanding social phenomenon.

As for the other two novels, they are clearly set at a time when books have become available to the majority of people.

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