For my wife and myself, giving grandma and our little boy a way to speak to one another whenever they want is a great way for our family to keep in touch, saves us time, and allows more frequent check-ins with our aging parents.

Granny Cam provides a quick, easy way to share the latest progress in our son’s development and provides an opportunity for increased socialization and improvements in our toddler’s speech.

Wireless, portable, one-touch, the device is designed to be extremely simple and friendly to operate so seniors and their young grandchildren can video chat anytime.

smartphones, computers, tablets – available for communicating with one another.

As technology improves, many families are turning to granny cams as a way to prove their suspicions.

According to a report on the WBAL evening news in Baltimore, Jaki Taylor used a granny cam to capture images of an in-home caregiver repeatedly abusing her father, a stroke victim.

People suffering from dementia, as well as women and those with physical disabilities, are the most likely victims of caregiver abuse and neglect.

Video surveillance systems are quickly becoming an affordable and efficient way to ensure vulnerable seniors stay safe when in the care of others, whether it is an in-home caretaker, nursing home, hospital or other type of managed care facility.For my mom, now in her 70s, the tools currently available are an enormous challenge: too feature-laden, too complex.For my son, who just turned two years old, the tools are also challenging, though for slightly different reasons: too easily broken or disconnected, too expensive to handle unsupervised, too fraught with concerns over privacy.However, the Senate Special Committee on Aging believes the number of victims may actually be closer to 5 million, which means five additional cases may exist for every one reported.According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, physicians and other healthcare professionals are involved in 21.6 percent of reported cases, while family members are the perpetrators nearly 15 percent of the time and service providers are involved 9.4 percent of the time.

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