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There wouldn’t be thousands of cases of Internet-related child luring tracked by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.And 1 in 5 children wouldn't be telling the Justice Department that they'd received an unwanted sexual advance in surveys.By that point, you're probably even more irritated than you were before, and the call center representative has to deal with that.At times, many people feel so exasperated by having to make outbound calls on their own time that they don't stop to think about the person on the other line.For potlucks, encourage your team to bring items high in protein and low in fiber to avoid accidents.Take it from me, I've had two reps poop in their chairs. They were on separate occasions and separate agents but both times we had a potluck.

You can also include your education and occupation in your bio.

Don’t look at pornographic pictures, and you won’t have to worry about them.

But most important — don’t talk to strangers, and never give them personal information. If it were simple, you wouldn’t hear repeated stories of FBI raids collaring dozens of pedophiles who swap files — and hunt for children — online.

Here's what several people had to say about working at different call centers."You have the customers who want to get off the phone as quickly as they got on, angry customers, chatty Kathys, and on the rare occasion the picture perfect customer you wish all the rest could be like. The majority of the customers I spoke with were belligerent gambling at a casino and very upset their card was declined for a ,000.00 cash advance.

Night shift always had the unique clientele but made for great entertainment ...

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